Hi.  I’m the person who matters least in this blog.  I’m the wife, chauffeur, translator, maker of appointments, nag …. blah, blah, blah. In other words, a right-royal pain-in-the-arse (henceforth abbreviated to PITA, often lower-case).

I’m writing this blog mainly in an endeavour to help myself understand all the crap we’re dealing with (so that I won’t zap G before the cancer does).  To put it in perspective, and occasionally vent.  Call it a self-indulgence, if you like.  But here, in the world of a bazillion words, the odds on mine being heard are slim.  It’s like shouting at the trees without getting cold and wet.

However, perhaps someone will find this little hole in the web and it will help them as much as it I am hoping it will help me.  If that person is you, well – welcome.  I don’t intend for this to be a pity-party.  Just so you know.  One thing’s for sure ….. it’s a lot cheaper than tissues and much easier on my friends and neighbours.  And please share your stories.  I hope that we will laugh and cry (perhaps in equal measure) together.